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 Ambrosia Dream 2005Artist — Julie Higgins 
In an effort to promote local artists, the MacCallum House proudly displays the work of over fifteen Mendocino artists in various rooms and public locations around the properties. This spring MacCallum House is excited to feature the vibrant work of local artist Julie Higgins. Join us for a meal in our ocean view Café and enjoy the evocative pastels of this talented artist. You may have seen Julie’s work at the Girl in the Fig restaurant on the Sonoma Square, where she has graced the walls since the restaurant’s opening. If you dine in the evening at the MacCallum House there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to meet Julie, a valuable, long-time member of the service team.

Julie's work is also available on-line at artistjuliehiggins.com.

About Julie Higgins
Julie HigginsArt is a language spoken with fluency and unmistakable presence in the evocative works ot artist Julie Higgins. Through the use of vibrant, tactile pastels, voluptuous figures and fertile landscapes, the spiritual is made tangible upon discovering its own image boldly portrayed.

Artist and art are both rooted in the heartland Born and raised in the Midwest, Julie Higggins attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where she earned her degree in fine arts.
 Moving to the Skagit Valley region of Washington State, she found pastels were ideally suited for exploring the color and sensual compositions of the region's rich landscape. Her connection with the earth as a life source coalesces into mellifluous women both offering and calling forth elemental forces.

Higgins currently lives on the Mendocino coast of California where she continues to express her participation in the feast of life through images as a symbolic language. She hangs several Much anticipated shows throughout wine country annually. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums as well as many alternative venues and can be found in private collections nationwide.

Artist Statement:
I was born and raised in Hutchinson, Kansas; a medium-sized Midwest community built on salt mines, farming and the bible belt. It is a landscape of wide open space populated by conservative salt of the earth folk.

I attended the University of Kansas, first as a ceramic major and later in sculpture and painting. I was deeply influenced by the figure and sensual organic form, which seem to provide endless inspiration to me.

Moving to the Skagit Valley region of Washington State, I found pastels were ideally suited for exploring the color and sensual compositions of the region’s landscape. Pastels offered a more immediate study of form and color. Working primarily with soft pastel due to its vibrant color and tactile quality, the process is very intuitive, with color, form, imagery and symbols often leading from one to the next. My art evolved into a language of symbols by telling a story using the figure and landscape to create sensual compositions of bold color. I later moved to the coastal community of Mendocino, California, a very beautiful rural area. My travels to and from my home take me from the ocean through redwoods to vineyards and rolling hills, continually inspiring me to illustrate symbolically this sensual environment.

I believe that my fascination for ravens may have began in childhood due to the subtle influence of the large population of black crows in my area, and then moving to the pacific northwest where the raven is a powerful symbolic figure of the indigenous people of the area. After moving to Mendocino, where ravens are in abundance, they have become a powerful symbolic figure in my life and art as protector like figures, sometimes they are humorous and at times serious.

My work is a constant process of story telling and pushing through the mundane of life into the magic, and the imaginary, which connects me to my sense of nature and how I belong or fit in. It is feeling, emotion, and play set in an ever nurturing landscape with juicy earthy women, sensual form and lots of color. This whole process is how I have come to understand my self and my life in my community and in the world. This process of working with symbols helps me connect with the spirit, and continue my exploration of life and purpose through my art.

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