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Fall Newsletter
Mendocino Memories Promotion
We received many wonderful responses to our contest asking you to tell us why you love to visit or live in Mendocino. Thanks to all who contributed! We posted all of your entries in this special 'Mendocino Memories' section on our Web site. 

Please stay tuned for more contests in the future. We will be announcing another contest in our next quarterly newsletter. If you don't already receive our newsletter and would like to click here.

As the winner we have chosen Savor Mendocino's Beauty, submitted by Carol.

Mendocino Memories Entries
Winning Entry!

Savor Mendocino's Beauty

We have so many memories of long-weekend getaways just for my husband and myself (did a tour of B&Bs on the coast from Sunset magazine one year—and found MacCallum House in the late ‘70s), our annual week-long trip to ring in the new year with our kids (indeed, they pried their first abalone from tidepools and pounded them for dinner when they were young), fun times with friends at the annual 4th of July salmon barbecue (dancing in the dirt!) and a long-ago first visit with friends just after we were married (photo attached taken in front of the bakery, eating cream puffs).

As life got faster with kids getting married, grandchildren being born, career changes and business trips to various parts of the world, we did not have the opportunity to visit Mendocino as often as we would like.

Next month we plan to revisit the MacCallum House with our dear friends, who have never been to Mendocino before (hard to imagine!). We plan on taking them to the art center, the rhododendron gardens, salt point beach and our favorite restaurants—MacCallum House and The Ledford House—and several other memorable places.

Perhaps we will ride horses in the hills again. Once, many years ago in the ‘80s, my husband was showing off his galloping skills on a hill near Mendocino as our children and I watched. When the horse came to a steep slope, he abruptly stopped, and my husband flew over the horse's head, landing in the bog below. We all raced to him—and indeed it was only his pride that was hurt.

As we experienced so long ago, we want to sit on the bench at the wide-open space where Mendocino juts out to the sea, feel the breeze and smell the salty ocean fragrance. We city folk crave to experience the freshness of the air and breathe in its healthful remedy to our souls.

We savor Mendocino's beauty.


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MacCallum Vacation

Our first visit to Mendocino was in September of 2005. It was unforgettable not only for the stunning scenery, fantastic food and wine, and friendly reception we received — it was possibly the best “dog” vacation we’d ever had. “Lucky” our ten year old Rottweiler certainly seemed to enjoy it!

The three of us began every morning of our week long stay on the front porch at MacCallum House. Along with our gourmet breakfast, Lucky enjoyed being spoiled with tidbits and a pat on the head by Tinsley and others. Long, slow walks through town and along the beach followed. Lucky frolicked in the water, reluctant to fetch the stick if we threw it into deeper water.

Then it was back to Oceansong, our vacation rental, where we soaked in the hot tub or curled up with a book, with Lucky lounging nearby. After lunch we’d explore the shops and galleries around town, where dogs were welcome and Lucky was delighted with treats from various shop owners along the way.

Although he was worn out from each day’s activities, Lucky unwillingly stayed behind while we ventured out for dinner, enjoying delectable meals every night in a different setting. As we returned to the house we’d get a big greeting from our canine companion, who was happy to see us again.

The week was over all too soon and sadly we said goodbye. We will most certainly return to Mendocino one day. When we do, it will be just the two of us, my husband Chuck and I. Our beloved Lucky passed away in April of this year. Our special thanks to everyone who helped make our last vacation with him such a special time.

—Karen Rice


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My Mendocino

From the very start. From day one. From the moment I stepped onto Albion Street I knew Mendocino would be with me forever. Its beauty on sunny crisp mornings equals its haunting intrigue on foggy cool evenings and each stunning snapshot of the passing day makes its imprint in my memory. My photographs of Mendocino are my museum of a magical and mystical place; one glance and I'm transported back to crashing surf, dramatic bluffs, dazzling stars, blinding white clouds, birds dancing on the breeze, seals somersaulting in the waves, peace, silence. My spirit revives, my soul soars, my mind is still. My Mendocino.

Cecilia Populus-Eudave

Our trip to mendocino-september '04

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the summer of 2004, September actually. My girlfriend Trina & I wanted to go on a ‘couples’ vacation with her best friend and her boyfriend. So we decided to go and spend three or four days camping just past Irish Beach. We had been to the Mendocino area previously, and enjoyed it very much, but we were intent on going there this time because for me, Mendocino had always been a place of serene beauty and retreat. And my girlfriend and I needed a retreat to relieve some of the emotional anxiety that had been building. You see, I was to leave for the military soon after that, and the pain that we were both feeling from knowing what was to come was getting to be too much and we needed a break. Mendocino was the perfect break. The calming waves, the salt-filled breezes, and the amazing sunsets were just what we needed. The first night we camped out, Trina and I walked down to the beach and stood dancing to our own music right there in the sand, just before sunset. I just felt at home.  Every time I am back there, I feel that way. I get that feeling of relaxation that Mendocino provides for all its visitors and residents.

Thanks for the memories,
Shayne T. Holler
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My Trip to the MacCallum House by Jack Carlisle, age 5 months

In March I was just a little guy and came to your B+B.
It's the only trip I've ever taken: my mom, my dad, and me.

Though I was only 3 months old, I loved my weekend away.
The MacCallum House was sure a really nifty place to stay.

I liked the ocean, birds and stores.
I rode in my stroller along the streets and the shores.

We stayed in the room called the Master Suite and I had lots of fun.
There was a giant bathtub for relaxing bathes and we all took a bubbly one.

We liked your fluffy bed and it had lots of room for me.
I usually kick my mom and dad so the king sized bed was key.

My dad went in your sauna and my mom hot-tubbed on the deck.
And I took lots of naps; I figured what the heck.

We ate at your fancy restaurant and I smiled at our waiters.
My mom and dad had lots of food including some potaters.

Thanks for letting our family visit your nice hotel.
Maybe if you come to the Bay Area you can visit us as well!

(Please see my attached pics of me in the tub and me and my parents)

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Oh Mendocino!

Oh Mendocino! What a magical, amazing place! I get the butterflies whenever I think of my memories of that quaint little town on the cliffs edge!

My first visit was in April of 2005 for my 5 year "dating" anniversary. We stayed in the Gazebo Playhouse at The MacCallum House (which was even cuter in person). I was so delighted to see the town was even more beautiful than I had expected. After the 5 1/2 hour drive from Reno we were so happy to walk around the town and stretch our legs. The weather was beautiful and the town was bustling but not too crowded. We enjoyed an amazing dinner and a great game of chess ( I won!)  We were only able to stay in Mendocino a total of 24 hours due to work schedules but the 11 hour drive was well worth it for those 24 hours.

In February of 2006 my boyfriend (Christian) and his best friend (Sean) planned a surprise trip for Sean's girlfriend (Kendall) and myself. They booked Sunny Acres at the MacCallum house for our weekend getaway. This time we were able to stay for 3 days and 2 nights, what a treat! The little cottage was nestled among the forest and so comfortable. Little did we girls know what the guys had in mind! We went down to the coast after arriving to watch the sunset. Next thing you know Christian was down on one knee! He proposed, and I said yes! But the surprise doesn't end there, Sean also proposed to Kendall! We spent the rest of our amazing vacation riding bikes, drinking good wine, playing crochet, spending time with our best friends and admiring our beautiful engagement rings!!!! I can't even begin to explain what an amazing trip it was and just how special Mendocino is to me! I will forever smile when I think of that quaint little town by the cliffs. We have now decided to make a yearly trip to Mendocino with our friends to celebrate and enjoy such a special place together!
Thank you for all of your hospitality! We truly love your Bed and Breakfast and wouldn't think of staying anywhere else!

—Kasey Clark

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Our Memories of MacCallum House

In June 2004, my wife and I were on our honeymoon and stopped in Mendocino. We'd not planned on staying in town, but when we came to MacCallum House, we made up our mind to stay awhile. It turned out to be the best three days of our entire trip. The wonderful room, the dinners downstairs, romantic walks along the cliff, in town, and in the nearby parks, and the great weather made our stay memorable. Thanks!

—David Zingmond

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Memories of Mendocino & Ft Bragg

Our family is certainly not first time visitors to the area. Our history there is long and constant.  My wife has been coming to Ft Bragg area since she was born in the late 40's with her mother, grandmother, bothers and sisters.  My mother in law in fact owns a parcel of ground North of Ft Bragg, and she has been coming with her parents since I would assume at least the 30's, if not before that.  She has opened this area up to her family who love the area, and who have brought there children who also love the area, and now our children are beginning to bring there children.  We in fact brought our family including our grand daughter last year for the first time, and will be bringing our granddaughter and now grandson this summer.  It has become a tradition in our family. 
The family home north of Ft Bragg is now becoming run down, and because of various family happenings has not been maintained properly.  Hence we are now looking elsewhere for accommodations.  It started out several years ago getting a motel room, and now we are always looking for the place that we can look at the ocean, and enjoy the view, sounds and smell of the coast.  We have also settled on Mendocino in the past couple of years because  we are always a lot of time in the town anyway.  We still do all the regular things that we always have done but thoroughly having our base in Mendocino. I could not count the many time we have walked past MacCallum Ho
This past visit in April of 2006 was special and of great importance to our immediate family.  You see in all the years that my mother in law and father in law have been married, approximately 62, my father in law had only come with his wife 2 other times.  He is somewhat of a home body, and through out his career  in agriculture he has not been willing to take time off to do this sort of thing.  We love this guy, and love to have him with us, but it is very difficult to get him away from there home in Clarksburg, and his yard that he manicures daily to the garden spot it has become since his retirement.  It was very important for my wife to find a place that would suit him, and hopefully convince him to come back with us again.
My wife  searched for several days on the Internet to come up with that place.  Luckily we know the area quite well, and when she found your web site she was taken by several things. The varied types of accommodations, the pages that showed very clearly what the accommodations looked like, and the view of the scenery that we could expect, and not the least of which the pricing that you have for the cottages.  We could have stayed at several places that matched the price, but this much is for sure they did not match the other requirements. The view, the ambiance, or the location.  We stayed at Oceansong, and were thoroughly impressed. More importantly my Father in law was as well, and we had a wonderful time.  We think there is a good chance of him returning with us.  And for this we thank you.
We also want you to know that we were treated quite nicely, and thank your employees for the work that they did to make our stay as good as it could be.  I am sure we will be using your home again for another visit to the area

Steve Muser

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Our Favorite Memories of Mendocino

In April of 2005, I planned a very special surprise weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary. After doing a lot of research on romantic places in California, I found Mendocino.  I was so excited to visit, as we had never been before.  Everything was planned down to dinner plans. We had Saturday night reservations at The MacCallum House. It is a beautiful sight to see, perched right on the shore. There is a spectacular Water tower that sits behind the Main house (we look forward to making it our next stay, as it is so popular among visitors!) I made on line reservations and put in a special request to have a special Anniversary dessert that was brought to us after our spectacular dinner.  I was so amazed that even though I had made the reservations so far in advance, my special request was honored as if I had requested it the day before.

There was so much to do and see in Mendocino, it was truly amazing. Our first day was hiking up the Russian Gulch.  We were told by locals that the Falls were the best they had been in years. We captured some amazing photography that has left family and friends in desire to see them for themselves. We visited the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse which was also a beautiful sight to see. The weekend we visited was the weekend of the Photograph Contest at the Botanical Gardens which was so much fun. Especially when you get to the end of the lush trail, which leads you to a breathtaking view located in a covered lookout. The view is indescribable! The lookout is tucked into a cove where the waves are crashing on the rocks right below you. We sat there for hours! The choice of Bed and Breakfasts was unbelievable. We love to visit them up and down the coast. This particular time, we stayed at The Packard House, which was excellent. Down to the breakfast basket brought to your door each morning. Most of all, everyone was so friendly and willing to suggest wonderful places to explore, and sights to see. Mendocino offered the most complete feeling of peace, and absolute serenity we've ever experienced. We purchased a set of ceramic mugs as a souvenir and symbol of the artistry we saw. Turned out our biggest souvenir was yet to come... Our son! Jordan Gabriel was born almost 9 months later, to the day! We have made it a continual place of celebration, Mendocino will always hold a special place in our hearts!

—Yolanda Matos

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After training 10 long and hard months for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco, my fantasy was to unwind in an setting on a cliff with forests behind and that overlooked crashing waves.  How often does ones fantasy become a reality?...but it all came to fruition when we entered Mendocino. I took a look around as we entered the town and gasped...my spirit was renewed and I could have stayed forever. 
I have been training all year and I will again be coming from New York to San Francisco, in July, to participate in the 40 mile walk for breast cancer.  We have decided to extend our stay this time and are filled with wonderful memories that we hope to expand.
—Mollie Sugarman Sherman
Huntington, New York

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Our Memory

Jaime & Scott Dever

Scott and I met our sophomore year at UC Davis and started dating our senior year.  After graduation, we moved to Orange County, and moved again to the San Francisco in 2003.   December 10th marked our fourth year of dating, and Scott was planning a special weekend away.  I wouldn’t know exactly how special it would be until we checked in to the MacCallum House.   Below are the emails Scott and I sent to our friends and family the Monday after our magical weekend.  The MacCallum House will always hold a special and memorable place in our hearts.


From: Jaime Sigillo

Subject: Breaking News!

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003

It's not as headline ripping as the capture of Saddam, but here goes... we are engaged!!!

For our 4th anniversary, Scott planned a weekend trip up to the Mendocino wine country.  We arrived Saturday around noon to a blistering storm, so we spent the afternoon in our cozy converted barn. My first hint should have been when Scott and I were laying on the couch and I could hear his heart pounding on his chest, but no, I didn't get it.  We decided to play a game of Scrabble by the fire. As I was coming out of the bathroom, Scott got up, gave me a hug, told me how much he loved me and then got on his knee. I cried, he proposed and I said yes!

As you know, there are two sides to every story and his includes a version of me grabbing the ring out of his hand (after I said yes, of course) and starting to put in on my finger. Yes, I remember doing this, but I don't know what I was thinking, so I won't include any further details in my version!!

We woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful day - blue skies, an ocean view and majestic redwoods.  A perfect weekend. Scott went to pick up the paper in the lobby and the innkeeper told him IT hadn't made the news yet.  He laughed thinking it was some sort of joke about our engagement. And then he realized she was talking about Saddam.

For all of you who know how much I love Christmas, this is the best present I could have ever received - being engaged to my best friend and sharing the news with all of our friends and family.

Happy holidays everyone!



From: Scott Dever
Subject: Re: We're Engaged!

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003

I am excited to share the news that Jaime and I are engaged! I know that most of you have been awaiting this news for a while now, but let me tell you -- it is worth the wait! We are so happy and excited to be living the rest of our lives with each other.

Our four year anniversary was last Wednesday, so I planned a weekend getaway up to the Mendocino wine country to celebrate. As you would expect in Coastal Northern California in December, we arrived to a terrible storm (so much for the ocean view). However, the place we were staying was a converted barn, fit with a fireplace to get us over the weather outside. I figured that such a great place would set up the proposal perfectly, so the weather threw me off a bit.

That afternoon, we were relaxing on the couch, and Jaime had her head on my chest and could feel my heart pounding like crazy. I knew I had to do it soon or I would explode! She got up to go to the restroom, and when she came out, I was kneeling next to the fire. We both started crying immediately. I gave my speech, but both of us were so hysterical that we can hardly remember anything. The funniest part was when I pulled out the ring, she grabbed it and started putting it on herself! Luckily, I was able to pry it out of her quivering hands and put it on properly.

The storm cleared the next day (the weather, but not really the tears), and we have been glowing ever since. We are so happy and can’t wait to see you all soon.

Love, Scott

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Mendocino Memories

It was 32 years ago when I meant my husband, Jack on the steps of of a building at the company in Livermore that we both worked at. We were members of the local dive club and Labor Day weekend was coming up and the club dive was at Van Damme. I asked if he was going and he said no because his car was out of commission, so.....I invited him to go along with me. This is where our story begins.

We both took a half a day off work that Friday and started the drive up here. We talked and talked and by the time we arrived, we felt like we had always known each other. It was dinner time, so Jack invited me to go to Heritage House for dinner that evening. When we walked in, we realized that we probably weren't dressed for this dining room, but the hostess accepted us graciously. It was so beautiful there and since we were a little early the she directed us to the lounge where we both ordered tequila sunrises (the drink of the year) and sat down on the sofa in front of the fire and talked more. It was there that we had our "first kiss". We had a wonderful meal and everyone thought we were newly weds. We left that weekend a new couple, and decided to go back often.

As the next year progressed, we were drawn back to this wonderful and enchanting place. We mostly camped, because in those days it was the least expensive way to be here and it was great to be outdoors. We decided that we wanted to be married here and the Presbyterian church was our choice. We visited the minister and he told us that he would marry us only if we got a recommendation from the minister of the church in Livermore. We went through counseling at the church in Livermore and the minister gave us his blessing and sent the required letter to the minister up here. Unfortunately the minister here was on vacation during that time and the letter was forwarded to him. The attending minister didn't know anything about the letter and our day was drawing near. Jack spent several hours on the telephone convincing the attending minister to "please" marry us. He finally agreed. On August 9, 1975, we were married in Mendocino and spent one night of our honeymoon at Heritage House.

So, for the first 25 years, or so, we visited the area camping with our children and alone 4-5 times a year. One day we felt like an adventure, so we took off on our motorcycle with no real destination in mind and ended up here with no reservation to stay somewhere. In checking on several places, MacCallum House had one room left (in the attic) and we took it. It was wonderful waking up in the morning to the sun rising on the ocean and seeing the mist coming from the waves crashing on the rocks through that little half round window in the eve of the building. Jack got up that morning and bumped his head on the ceiling (it is a little tight up there). We also like the Grey Whale Bar and go there frequently to catch a light meal, gaze at the ocean and feel the warmth and coziness of the room.

We even checked out the medical facilities on one of our weekend visits. We had arrived on a Thursday night looking forward to a long weekend here. We had just purchased new bicycles and brought them along. We rested on Friday and on Saturday we had a wonderful day riding round town and the headlands. We had a wonderful dinner that
night and in the middle of the night, Jack became sick. On Sunday morning, he still wasn't feeling well, so as we headed out of town, we turned toward Fort Bragg (instead of going South) and found our way to the hospital. We discovered that he was having a heart attack. The doctor on emergency duty that day stabilized him and kept him the
rest of that day and night for observation and then he was air lifted to Santa Rosa the next day.

And still we came here, instead of anywhere else, when we had time off work. This coast became our "time out" from our busy schedule over 30 years.

We finally realized our dream to one day have a home in this area. We purchased a place in Fort Bragg in September 2001 and retired and moved into it the following August 2002.

So, there you have it in a nut shell. I tried not to make it too long (it could be longer). Hope it was worth reading!

—Cathy and Jack Casey

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Romance Springs Eternal in Mendocino

When I was a sweet and not so innocent woman of 23 my then fiancé took me to Mendocino for a weekend trip. He had just proposed the weekend before because the engagement ring was burning a hole in his pocket and he couldn’t wait for the trip up the coast. We stayed in one of the many wonderful bed and breakfasts in town and had a phenomenal weekend. Unfortunately the romance fizzled before we could make it down the aisle, but the happy memories of that weekend always burned brightly for me. Fast forward ten years to a not so sweet and completely jaded woman of 33 fanning the flames of a new romance. My boyfriend and I decided short notice to have a romantic Valentine’s Day up the coast in Mendocino. We stayed at the beautiful MacCallum House. It was a trip full of surprises, the biggest one being that he DIDN’T propose. I was completely expecting it, so at every turn I was waiting for him to pop the question. We had a fabulous chef’s paring dinner at the MacCallum House restaurant, enjoyed the sunshine at some beautiful wineries and took long walks along the bluff and nothing, no ring, no bent knee, zip, zilch! When we got home I got the courage up to ask him why he didn’t take this fantastic opportunity to propose, the weekend was perfect, it was so romantic, why didn’t he ask? He didn’t want to be like so many men and take the easy date of Valentine’s Day as our engagement date. He wanted to be different and spread the romance out through the year. So, now that we’ve been married a few months I think back to that trip as the time when I finally realized this is the man I was meant to be with. One who waited until I was ready and eager to get married and had enough sense to keep me guessing. Thank you for this opportunity to share my happy and special memories of Mendocino. I can’t wait until the next visit!  

—Kathy Kearney

Why I Love to Visit Mendocino

Mendocino has been the homeland of many memories in my recent life.  My husband of eleven years, Mike, and our 13 year-old golden retriever, Tucker, love to visit for many reasons, number one of which is the beautiful coastline upon which it sits.  We are greatly pleased by all of the wonderful pet-friendly accommodations to be had, the MacCallum House being one of the very best.  We stayed almost 2 years ago now in one of the MacCallum House's cottages.  During our 3 night stay, we relished the thought of the next morning's breakfast where we dined on the spectacular ocean-view front porch with Tucker by our table and with mimosas in our hands.  It was a perfect way to begin our days that were then filled with walks along the headlands, wine tasting at Pacific Star, and shopping the wonderful boutique shops in Mendocino.   It was a special treat in the afternoon to settle down with a glass of wine or a beer in the Grey Whale Bar, complimentary with the special wooden token.                                                         

On the third day of this particular stay, we had shopped the town picking up gifts for our nephews at Out of this World and gifts for ourselves at Red Rooster Records.  We had marvelled over the wild blackberries that could be found along our walks where the sea always was in view, reassuring and calming.  I felt like a bit more exploration on my own, so left Mike and Tucker to relax in our MacCallum cottage.  I got a mere block away and at the intersection I was going to cross, but at the last moment I decided to turn left.  Unfortunately, the sidewalk had ended and I found myself on the ground about a foot or so down by a water drainage pipe.  I looked around in embarrassment, hoping no one saw me, only to discover I could not stand.  Unbelievable.  I could see our little cottage, but it was too far away to yell.  I kept pondering my dilemma, trying again and again to stand.  My right foot was fine, but the left one was a different story.  It could move, but couldn't tolerate any weight.  I finally decided I was going to crawl, when lo and behold, a figure was coming my way.  I was going over in my mind what kind of person it was going to be and how I was going to explain myself, when I could see that my saviour was actually my husband Mike!  He had just decided to go out for a walk himself to try and catch up with me.  He certainly wasn't expecting to find me on the ground and so close to where I had begun!  Well, I rode piggyback to our snug little cottage where he plopped me on the comfy bed and propped my foot up.  It had ballooned to 4 times its original size and the pain was throbbing but not unbearable.                                                                                                         

It was then that Mike left for Mendosa's to see if they might have some kind of foot brace.  Along the way he stumbled upon the Pharmacy which was to soon be our number one shopping experience in Mendocino!   On several visits he came back with Ace bandages, Tylenol, a real-deal foot brace, and a pair of crutches.  The pharmacy employees also sent Mike back with their best wishes for me and my recovery.  We decided that because I could move my foot and ankle, that the hospital wasn't necessary, but it did mean we would leave first thing in the morning for home.  We were both saddened that we had to miss our last breakfast and also missed out on using 2 of our "Happy Hour" chips.  It turned out I actually fractured my heel and after surgery and a year of healing we were able to visit Mendocino again, although not as early as we had wished.....

Chapter 2 of the story is that we were to stay in Mendocino this past January while we attended Pacific Star's Crab Feed.  It was the weekend after New Year's and the power had been out for 5 days here at our Santa Cruz Mountain home, so we decided to cancel.  February we were to try again but on February 1st Tucker, our travelling buddy got severely ill.  He kept going downhill and all the numerous tests were not indicating what the problem was.  After an ultrasound, the problem was discovered to be his kidney.  On February 15th he had his kidney removed after a 3 hour surgery.  The end of February was his recovery time and by March he was doing well, but we were burnt out.

In April we finally decided we needed a getaway and we decided Mendocino was the perfect place for rejuvenation.  We actually got one full DRY day with even some sunshine.  We enjoyed watching the Little League parade downtown and the hot tubs at Sweetwater.  Sitting by the fire at the Grey Whale Bar with some red wine we reminisced.  You could still see the ocean when we sat on the porch for our casual yet decadent dinner.  The incredible oyster popover, the barbecue pork taco in that nice thick blanket of a homemade corn tortilla, and the ultimate in miniature, the MacTwins....this meal will remain in my memory as will all the adventures we have had in Mendocino and all the adventures that still wait for us in Mendocino.

—Sheryl Cornelisen

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Mendo Memories

Over the years I've been to Mendocino and the MacCallum House many times. Most visits have been cheery and happy occasions. However, one visit was more tense and stressful—not due to any lack of care on the part of the innkeeper, but due to my frame of mind. In October 1990, my wife had been dead for seven months. I was still a mess. My brother and sister-in-law were visiting in an attempt to lift my spirits.  We cruised into Mendocino and the MacCallum House just as the first rainstorm of the season hit the coast. A pleasant dinner and comfortable surroundings induced a feeling of well-being. I can't say that my troubles were erased by the Mendocino visit but a temporary suspension was most welcome. Maybe that's what a getaway trip is—a happy respite from the troubles that will remain when 'real life' resumes.

Merwyn Burrous

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Cliffs of Mendocino

On a drear April day in the year 2000 I stood on the Irish Cliffs of Mohr:
the wind supporting this mortal coil at a 30% angle as I leaned over the Atlantic, crashing what seemed to be thousands of feet below my hovering body.

As the visible wind lashed my frame, holding me steadfastly in it's hand I thought, "Could there ever be a place at once more raw, vitally alive and achingly beautiful as this?"

On a drear April day in the year 2003 I stood on the American Cliffs of Mendocino: a wind, the sister to the Elemental force that suspended me over the Atlanitc in Ireland, held me likewise, body angled into it's fierce grip over the pounding maw of the Pacific. My memory recalled that day three years back, and the accompanying thoughts at the legendary Cliffs of Mohr. It was then I realized that, yes, there is another place of such awesome power and beauty.

Incredulous as it may seem, perfection need not be a singular experience.

Subsequent returns to Mendocino have verified that this was not a fleeting fancy of the mind, but a physical imperative that lives in the bones of this place. The physical majesty of the land transcends into the very soul of the community. The Earth speaks directly to one in Mendocino.

The artisans of the area respond in kind with fantastical offerings of every description. The Hostlers compliment the wild coast line with lodgings of incomparable warmth and serenity. The local Chefs ply the lucky, unknowing travelers with culinary delights, the integrity of which are more than a match to the eye candy of the delectable visual surroundings.

The Hope Diamond lies embedded upon the California Coast. The vast spaces of Zen philosophy await your apprehension in it's mists. The Grendel of your own dark, little explored interior spaces are revealed in the bright pure light of sun cyclones thrown off by a Pacific sunset. Who knew?

Mendocino. Incredulous as it may seem, perfection need not be a singular experience.

Authored and submitted by: A.M. Melfa

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An Ode to Mendocino
Mendocino, memories of wild flowers and flower children

Mendocino, lightness of being and seafoam

Mendocino, musical notes and undying melodies

Mendocino, a breath of freshness to replenish the soul

Mendocino, time to reflect and evolve the soul

Mendocino, always waiting to renew Life.

—Gene Reber, The Dreamer
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